Encore Beach Club

Friday - Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM
Encore Beach Club - Sheets VIP

Getting on the guest list for Encore Beachclub is easy. Simply include your information, date you want to attend, and how many people in your party and SHEETS does the rest. Being on our guest list gets you the following benefits:

  • Ladies typically get free entrance.
  • Men may get reduced cover charge or free entrance with an even ratio of women in their group, or more women than men in their group. 
  • Men and women skip the general admission line.
  • The guest list entry is always determined by the venue and is not guaranteed. For special events and performances, Ecore Beach Club may limit the guest list or not have a guest list at all. Please arrive early.

Once you have signed up on our list, show up to the venue at 10:30 am and check in at the guest list area located on the right side of the club entrance. Enocre Beach Club Tickets

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Make a table reservation at Encore Beach Club by clicking on the reservations tab above!  We are Vegas number 1 independent company with No hidden fees &  No hassles.


Make your Beach Couch, Daybed, Cabana, Water Couch & Lily Pad reservations for Encore Beach Club with SHEETS VIP Today!  The scene here is sexy, no doubt, but it’s also low-key; it’s less backyard frat party than a more subdued affair in the south of France. And of course, gaming and world-class restaurants are just a few wet footsteps away. If you’re looking to put some upscale spin on your fun in the sun, Encore Beach Club is the place to lay down your towel.  Encore Beach Club prime days are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  For more information on bottle service/bottle prices for daybeds, Cabanas at Encore Beach.  Fill out the form below and a Host will contact with all the details.   (prices may vary holidays and special events) EBC bottle service is the best way to go when in Las Vegas day life.  Find all of Encore Beach Club calendar events and Dj's performing monthly along with buying your venue tickets with SHEETS VIP. 


Encore Beach Club, prices during the prime season along with table locations. 

  • Lower Bungalow - $20,000 (20ppl) | $25,000 (20ppl)
  • Upper Bungalow - $5000 (15ppl) | $6000 (15ppl)
  • Lower Cabana - $6000 (12ppl) | $7000 (12ppl) | $8000 (12ppl)
  • Upper Cabana - $4000 (10ppl) | $4500 (10ppl) | $5000 (10ppl)
  • Water Couches - $6000 (10ppl) | $7000 (10ppl) | $8000 (10ppl)
  • DJ Tables - $7000 (10ppl)|$7500 (10ppl) | $8000 (10ppl)
  • Daybeds - $3000 (6ppl) | $3500 (8ppl) | $4000 (10ppl)
  • Lilly Pads - $3000 (6ppl) | $3500 (6ppl) | $4000 (8ppl) | $5000 (10ppl)
  • Beach Couches - $2000 (6ppl) | $2500 (8ppl)
  • Gaming - $2000 (6ppl) | $2500 (8ppl)
  • Andrea’s - $1500 (6ppl) | $2000 (8ppl) | $2500 (10ppl)
  • Not including Hoilday's
  • PPL means number of people per table
  • These are good estmintes to go by, prices may change do to special events
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Encore Beach Club Floor Plan
Encore Beach Club Lower Bungalows Encore Beach Club Upper Bungalows Encore Beach Club Lower Cabana Encore Beach Club Upper Cabana Encore Beach Club Water Couches Encore Beach Club Lily Pads Encore Beach Club Daybeds Encore Beach Club Gaming Area Tables Encore Beach Club Water Pole South Encore Beach Club Water Pole North Encore Beach Club Beach Couches Encore Beach Club Dance Floor Encore Beach Club Patio Tables

Encore Beach Club Floor Plan



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