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Hello and welcome to SHEETS VIP on how to pass the Las Vegas Nightclub lines.  I know you all have heard the stories of how hard it is to get into Las Vegas Nightclubs.   In fact some of you might have even experienced it yourself.   Well I want to introduce myself.  My name is “SHEETS”.  I have been part of the crews that ran Vegas front doors for the longest time and an aka senior door man as some other companies like to call doormen now.   Which by the way there is no such thing as a lead doormen anymore.  They all have been replaced with what we call VIP hosts now.  There are lead hosts, Sr. Hosts and Jr. Hosts as well as promoters. I want to take a moment a let you know that I have seen it all from people saying they are with the band, I ran across “Tom” my first friend on My Space, and “wait don’t you know who I am” to athletes and CEO of major companies. 

Let’s just set the record for all you Vegas clubbers that come to Vegas, so you will know who you should deal with. Let’s start with the venues. A lead host or a Sr. Host will have the most pull at the door, due to the dollar amount they book at that venue. Meaning the total dollar amount in table service/sales. The second people would be Jr. Hosts, this is due to they have little experience in this area of hosting. They might have been a promoter or some type of bar staff prior to hosting. Jr. Host still need to proof what kind of revenue they can bring to the venue by booking tables.

This brings us to promoters. I know if you are from LA or somewhere back east the word promoters’ means they are on top of everything. In Las Vegas this is not the case. Promoters here are young people excited to get involved in the night life of Vegas. Promoters start out by walking thru casinos, pools, or even working the venue lines by standing as far away from the front door to guide people

into the lines and answer small questions what lines or for table and guest lists. They are reasonable for making sure the lines are full of people not wanting to by table services. They are still good to know for a slower night or a local night in Vegas. Which means not weekend days or holidays. They still have far less pull then a Sr. host or lead host.

I would like to tell you that if your party is a mixed group of equal guys and girls you will get in the venue right away, but this is not the case.  Unless the venue is a bit slow at the time or is in need of a few good looking couples it’s not going to happen.   All though clubs have gotten better by putting guest list out for clubs and casino guest.  There still is a great chance of waiting in a long line and asking the question how do I pass the lines in a Las Vegas Nightclub.

Groups of women will always have a better chance of getting in right away, then a mixed group or a group of men.  Vegas is an appearance driven town.  There are times I have seen women waiting in lines.  In fact PURE Nightclub used to have a girls only line just for this reason alone.   Example if a group of men where to walk up to the club.  The men would be more incline to want to buy bottle service.  That being said it makes since to always dress your best and don’t come in sneakers or street clothes. Upscale dress code should be followed all the time.  When you’re wanting to pass the line in Las Vegas Nightclubs.  

Have a senior host that you can text or email when you get to the club will help out big time.  There are other options.   Vegas is gotten harder on tips so it is not that easy to just walk up and say I want to tip to get in how much.   The staff is not allowed to ask or talk about taking tips from the clients.  So once again how do I pass the lines in Las Vegas nightclubs?  

Here are a few points you can take notes on.   Never take the approach of going to the club and saying “my friend Johnny in LA knows Bobby at Light Nightclub and told me to ask for you”.  This is a super NO NO go right to the end of the line.

The first and the easiest it to have a Sr. hosts, lead host or a promoters number to text or call once you get to the venue.  A list of host can be found at jackColton.com I also would recommend that your party shows up early.   Early meaning like when the club first opens, not at midnight when the club is at its full capacity.  The second is dealing with an outside company that has a good rapport with the venues.  Like VIPNVEGAS, SHEETS VIP or VEGAS FAST PASS are a few examples; These companies will have package deals that will include a line pass. The third is some venues like Hakkasan Nightclub have fast pass lines. In another word, it is a line you don’t wait in but you pay a bit more to get in.

I guess it comes to down to this, no matter if you choose just to stand in line or your use a host at a venue, or an outside company like SHEETS VIP with one of their packages deals to pass the lines in Vegas nightclubs where they will take the stress out of everything for your group, or just pay for the fast pass lines at each venue.  The real question is what is your time worth to enjoy your time in Las Vegas? 

In conclusion how do I pass the lines in Las Vegas Nightclub?  We have talked about hosts, promoters, outside companies like SHEETS VIP and venue fast pass lines.  Walking up to the door and saying I want to tip won’t work for you.   Girls will get in faster than groups of guys, mixed groups will work if in the right situation.  I recommend if you are with a large mixed group or a group of males to use an outside company package.  The outside companies like VIPNVEGAS, SHEETS VIP and VEGAS FAST PASS will have packages they just might work in your budget to get you a line pass with free cover and a table with bottle service.  All ways remember that not all outside companies are the same so please do your homework by using yelp and most of all have fun in Las Vegas and from now you want be the one asking the question how do I pass the lines in a Las Vegas Nightclub.     

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